The foundation for a new generation of systems

Our latest software release has expanded the functionality of Over-the-Counter, revamped the Joint Membership capability, enhanced Statement Processing, and added Merchandise Inventory.

CompuShare 5.0

The CompuShare Credit Union Software System is specifically designed to meet all the challenges of today's service and operational requirements. CompuShare is a modular and flexible system that empowers you to make quick and effective business decisions which will result in greater margins, increased staff productivity, and greater member satisfaction.

CompuShare Flexibility

CompuShare is modular and fully integrated, allowing your Credit Union to tailor its investment. Features include a user-friendly interface, context sensitive help, and hot-key program access.

Compushare Power

CompuShare is a powerful in-house Credit Union Core Processing and Information System. Specifically designed for growth oriented Credit Unions, it will support memberships from 100 to 20,000.

 Compushare Functionality

CompuShare 5.0 is a Windows based software package that has all the functionality of Windows, providing you with the Core Processing that will suit your needs.

Easy-to-use features that work for you

  •   Efficient Teller Services
  •   Local and Wide Area Networking
  •   PC Based for Flexibility and Speed
  •   Guaranteed Compliance
  •   Automated Processing
  •   Complete System Integration
  •   Frequent Software Enhancements
  •   Integration with Microsoft Office
  •   Member Central Information File